14 July 2009

TaGgEd FroM FLaMinINa

1. Starting time: 9.12AM

2. Current song: aku dia & kamu..

3. Name: Munira

4. Sisters: xde lgsg!

5. Brothers: seketol cuma

6. Height: 165 cm

7. Weight: 54 kg

8. Where do you live: nibong tebal, penang

9. Have you ever been on a plane: nope

10. Swam in the ocean: pernah...dahulu kala...

11. Fallen asleep at school: slalu sgt..dh jd mcm 1 kemestian

12. Fell off your chair: xpnh

13. Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: pnh

14. Saved e-mails: yep..yg dpt email cm lawak bodoh bangang dr kekawan

15. What is your room like: dak pompuan..PINK!!

16. What’s right beside you: wall, coz im at office now

17. What is the last thing you ate: bihun singapore..sedap!

18. Ever had...Chicken pox?: penah kot...rasanya la...

19. Sore throat: jrg2..aku sehat jeh..

20. Broken nose: tk penah

21. Do you believe in love at first sight: yup

22. Like picnics: tk suka

23. Who was/were...The last person you danced with: mana ada..dgn farah kot...

24. Last made you smile: terinagt lak kt my_syg~~~

25. You last yelled at: belum lg..masih pagi!

26. Today did you...Talk to someone you like: sembang dgn housemate jer..

27. Kissed anyone: not yet..

28. Get sick: jrg2

29. Talk to an ex: nop..

30. Miss someone: tk pun

31. Who do you really hate: backstabber

32. Do you like your hand-writing: kadang2 la..sbb kadang2 jd cm ribut..huduh jer

33. Are your toe nails painted: tk pnh

34. Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in: ader ker? erm...

35. Are you a friendly person: yes i am

36. Do you have any pets: ikan emas beberapa ekor..tp sumer dh mati sbb motor oksigen rosak...

37. Do you sleep with the TV on: always

38. What are you doing right now: typing

39. Can you handle the truth: bolehh..im a realitist type

40. Are you closer to your mother or father: both,

41. Do you eat healthy: yep

42. Do you still have pictures of you & your ex: tk der..

44. Are you loud or quiet most of the time: loud

45. Are you confident: i am

46. 5 things I am 10 years ago
*couple dgn my_syg
*sgt patoh pd mak abah
*ada ramai kawan..
*pengawas sekolah yg bermasalah...hehehehe
*susah lak nk pikir...

47. 5 things I would do if I were a billionaire
*bw mak abah p haji
*beli kete + drebar skali
*jalan2 g melancong serata dunia..
*shopping mcm2
*tk yah berangan la...

48. 5 of my bad habits
*suka dengar lagu kuat2
*payah nk senyum
*suka sgt tido
*suka gayut tepon
*suka cari pasal dgn my_syg

49. 3 places I've lived/living
* KL* penang*perak

50. 5 person i wanna tag:
sesapa yg berminat leh wt...

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