19 April 2010

1st Giveaway from m.e

Do you want to win this Giveaway?
How to enter?

  1. Be my follower (who ever not yet my follower, please do so) :) DONE !!
  2. Add this blog to your blog link list DONE !!
  3. Write an entry about this Giveaway DONE !!
  4. In your entry, You must put above picture. Make sure the picture will also at your side bar. Link both picture (in the entry & at the side bar) to http://izzlinabdulmanan.blogspot.com/ DONE !!
  5. After you had finish step 1 - 4, left your URL-link-1st-Giveaway & your email at this comment entry DONE !!
  6. Closing date will be on 23rd April 2010
  7. Winner will be pick randomly

thank you :)
Good Luck

cik niEra sekadar mencuba nasib :D

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